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Premium Wireless Tattoo Pen machine Hollow Cup Motor stable 2A output LCD Display

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***Package: 1pcs Tattoo Pen + 1pcs USB power cord

***Structure: Built-in lithium battery, integrated tattoo pen, the middle ring can be rotated to replace the lithium battery;

***Applicable: 1. Android USB data cable 2. Most of the integrated needles on the market (Xia'an standard size) 3. No charging head in the configuration, you can directly use the mobile phone charger for charging;

***Battery capacity: 1800mAh (mA);

***Charging time: fast charging, fully charged in 1.5-2 hours without electricity;

*** Use time: Under the normal 8V voltage, it can continue to work in a stable state for about 6 hours, and can be used for about 7 hours for intermittent use;

***LCD screen display content: output voltage range + battery usage;

***Motor: hollow cup motor (8V12000 rpm)

***Stroke: 0-3.5mm

***Starting voltage: 1 file (5V);

***Working voltage: 4-6 files (8-10V);

Instructions for use:

The device is a tattoo pen with a built-in lithium battery, which can be used directly without foot pedals and hook lines. It is composed of two parts: 1. upper half lithium battery power 2. lower half tattoo pen; the middle part can be unscrewed to replace the upper half lithium battery , The specific functions are as follows:

1. Turn on: Long press the middle O button for 5 seconds to turn on, and then long press for 5 seconds to turn off;

2. Suspend: Short press O key during normal work to pause work, then press again to resume work;

3. Adjust the voltage: press the + or-key to adjust the gear, the corresponding 1-8 gear represents 5-12V respectively;

4. Battery display: It is displayed on the LCD screen, it is full of 4 grids, and it needs to be charged when there is 1 grid remaining;

5. Daily charging: external charging port, use the USB cable to charge;

Power parameters:

1. Input: The charging port is powered by a USB data cable. The built-in battery is 3 pieces, 600mA / piece, 3.7V battery, and the output current is fixed at 1A;

2. Output: Power the device through the lithium battery key. Voltage range: (1-8 file corresponds to 5-12V) Press + or-key to switch the voltage range, 5V is the lowest voltage, 1 file corresponds to 5V , 2nd gear corresponds to 6V, and so on, 8th gear corresponds to 12V;

3. Power storage: fast charge through the fast data USB cable, it can be fully charged in 1.5-2 hours, full charge is 4 grids, and it can be used normally for 6-7 hours with 8V operation, and the voltage is stable. Remaining the last grid of electricity needs to be charged to ensure the use time;
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